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Be the Best on Instagram

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Instagram:  Explore and build your audience on Instagram!

With about 500,000 advertisers paying to get their message on Instagram to their customers, Instagram is a proven social channel to strengthen your brand and ultimately promote your product or service. It became a place to be, even more, if you’re targeting the millennials. Jump on the boat and get your brand on Instagram.

Why should you business have an Instagram account?

Instagram is one of the biggest success stories of recent times and it’s one of the best apps for creating and sharing artistic photos. And get the bread and butter as Instagram is the perfect mobile-first social network. It flourishes with the rapid growth of mobile. Mobile-first approach is a must.

Ok but wait a minute…how do I get the best out of Instagram?

To build a community around your brand, Instagram is primarily visually-oriented. We all know that quote ” an image worth thousands words”. But an image without a context and a relevant message will just become a display of beautiful images and no more. And followers will be engaged and even share your Instagram post.

This REI Instagram post got reposted more than 39000 times. Yes but who wouldn’t, look at that Insta post.

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Three Digital Marketing Tips

3 digital tips

So here the first three digital tips on Instagram:

  • Get incredible images
  • Create inspiring content
  • Cultivate your community


What can I do with Instagram?

Let’s look at concrete examples. I am following this 3 local Instagram accounts @visitseattle, @volunteerparkcafe and @gowhistler…oh yeah for the latter I am a skier addict. These three accounts are extremely active and dynamic. They often post; almost every day with a minimum of twice per week. @volunterrparkcafe posts pictures that make you wanna go a geta bite of that egg. They also paly with word “eggciting”.

egg on a toast volunterr park cafe seattle capitol hill

So here three more digital tips on Instagram:

  • Frequency of your posts
  • Built your Instagram calendar and stick to it
  • Display the message linked to the image : what you want the followers to think/do when they see your post.

I never forget about @gowhistler because they post so frequently with breathtaking images, short video with action content.

@VolunteerParkCafe they’re building loyalty by posting yummy pictures of their cakes. Whenever I want to grab a coffee or share a good moment with a friend in Capitol Hill, I’ll go there for sure.


With 95 million photos posted each day, it’s fair to say that Instagram is a pretty big deal. So join the club and get your brand out there with a clear messaging and adequate target audience.


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