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Be the Best on Twitter

Yes I said Twitter.

280 characters, it used to be 140 characters, using #hashtag and @arrowbase, sharing photos, gifs, links, Twitter is like a Pandora’s box.  Yes Twitter is like a  Pandora’s box full of promising hope to build a strong presence and gain followers.

Why should your business have a Twitter account?

Twitter has become a keystone of social media strategy to get your brand visible out there in the social media world. Even for individual not only brands, it is a great networking and surprisingly accessible tool. You can respond to and interact with…well the queen of England…not sure she will reply to your tweet. But hey it is out there. That makes Twitter a cool place to hang out.

It is amazing how many people that you’ve never heard about, start to follow you after a piece of content, a retweet, or a comment that you post. It is the most direct social media phenomenon, where you have to get your message across in just 280 characters. Twitter is entirely free to use. It is worth bearing in mind that the public nature of Twitter can be a double-edged sword, because everything is completely public. So be mindful of how you talk to your followers. It is key to turn a new follower into a benefit to your brand. Tweets give a clear impression of what’s going on at any time, especially when combined with # hashtags, which are a way to group similar tweets.


Three Digital Marketing Tips

3 digital tips

So let’s shoot out the first three tips:

  • Create your Twittername with @ and use adequate #hashtag(s) for your brand.
  • Twitter is a direct fast efficient way to follow and to be followed.
  • Never miss an opportunity to interact.


What can I do with it?

Brands may decide to use Twitter as a customer service tool. In that case you better be fast and reactive. Airline companies do so. Take @AlaskanAir, the Alaskan Air Twitter team answers to any Tweet super fast which helps building a new channel for great customer support. And the content tone helps build the human touch image they want their customers to remember.

Creating a # associated to your brand is a great way to keep consistency in your content strategy. AlaskanAir created the #iflyalaskan. Bingo here you go it is a easy # to remember and to add on tweet that multiply your brand appearance.

You can tell other on Twitter what you’re doing, remind them what are your values, your philosophy. That makes it a useful marketing tool for small businesses, especially if you can get local groups to follow you and retweet your posts.

The Riveter is a great Twitter account to remind their followers who they are and what values they pursue. Talk to your audience and keep them engaged.

And of course, Twitter offers an analytic tool to follow your datas. You can follow how many followers you have, how they engage, what time is the best to Tweet etc.


I would emphasize as for any new social channel that you wish to have for your brand, always define prior the message that your audience will be responsive to. Never jump into a new social channel without knowing who is the community that you want to interact with.


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