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How to use Google Analytics

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It feels like Google Analytics has been here forever. Well yes next November we’ll be celebrating its birthday : 12 years, yes 12 already. This tool is the SEO apparatus since day 1 of digital marketers and business entrepreneurs.

So what are the basics for Google Analytics? Why should I master it or at least use it? Myself I love digging into datas to understand why one page or a specific link is more efficient that another one and so on and so on. But  first thing first what is Google Analytics and how do I get it up and working?

What is Google Analytics?

Let’s jump into analogy to understand the importance of Google Analytics. If you have a physical shop what we call brick-and-mortar shop, you want to know who is coming to your shop, how long they are staying in your shop, what they buy, how much advice they need to buy the product and you want them to come back….same when you have friends at home you should know what they like, what they enjoy discussing about and if you want to invite them again so you’ll find out about all those things to make them want to come back. Anyway I know simplistic analogies but important to understand that with Google Analytics you can find out about your viewers with tremendous more precision and details. That tool is like your BFF – just in case Best Friend Forever!

Three basics tips

So let’s already shoot three basics tips about Google Analytics:

  • Install Google Analytics on your website or blog, ensure that your website and even each page has Google Analytics code
  • Get to know your audience and check if it matches who you think they should be
  • Analyse where the traffic goes: which page, which blog post

What I like about Google Analytics is that even if you’re a newbee in that world or that your business does not require that much diving into datas, you can only use what you need. And of course it is linked to your business goals. If you goal is to sell your products on your website, you’ll need to adequately set up e-commerce tracking. If your goal is to track e-newsletter registration, then set appropriately your Google Analytics goals . And last but not least, Google Analytics is FREE. Yes it is!

Et voilà…#digitaltipsfordigitaltribe