Instagram Stories

Instagram has 700 millions users… more than twice the US population. So that’s quite a  massive audience to reach out.  Back in August 2016 Instagram  launched Instagram Stories to enhance the audience experience . So what is there in it for my business?

Let’s dive into what is Instagram stories. Instagram as described in previous post is a visual-oriented tool: picture and video. So in few words it is stories – brief scenarios – that you can post that last 24 hours using pictures or videos. The video can be a maximum of 10 seconds.

The photos and videos can be embellished with doodles, emojis, geotags, lenses and text. Brands can attach links and landing pages to their stories and clickable #hashtag. The stories are visible to public unless your account is private.

Here three tips to remember as basics element of Instagram stories:

  • Stories last 24 hours
  • Stories better be good so create a memorable content as it is brief
  • Use the Instagram interactive elements offered

Stories are a great tool to engage your audience with interactivity in the post. If It talks to your audience it is a great tool to add to your content marketing. Design a story’s scenario, polish the content and plan the timing. Stories garner a tons of views and can be incredible influential. Within six months, Instagram gained about 150 millions daily users. Instagram audience are heavy stories’ users.

Ok so what? how? Well as it states it on the term, Instagram stories work best when you actually tell a story. Storytelling in marketing is always a strategy. It is powerful and memorable for your audience.

When you have a strong scenario that should engage your audience, don’t forget the CTA – click to action. What is your goal for the Instagram story: users engagements, users content creation etc. Take Ben and Jerry‘s recent Instagram stories, they promoted a new product and reminded users at end to pick one up at their local store.

Tell your users exactly what you need them to do, you’ll be surprise how many of them do what you ask.

Now think of your first Instagram stories, plan it in your content calendar, launch it, analysis it and repeat.

Et voilà…#digitaltipsfordigitaltribe