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Pinterest?! Welcome to Pinterest!

Yes Pinterest!!! So what about Pinterest? Well first thing first, Pinterest is a San Francisco based company who has 175 million monthly active users with a valuation of $12.3 billion. 175 million monthly users? yes, not bad!

So what is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows users to find and curate images and videos. Pinterest is visual-based social media. Well in fact they say it the best way: 


And then bingo Pinterest started to sell online ads two years ago. So ok nice to know but let's go into how Pinterest can help you talk to your audience, your community, your customers.

"Oh! How Pinteresting?" dixit Pinterest.

Pinterest audience is addressing for a majority to women. It is a visual-based online platform. And it has recently launched new analytics tools and ad features that will motivate your audience to get your product down to the buying funnel.

Marketers strongly advise the platform as there is purchase intent when someone pins something.  Pinterest also offers a unique selling proposition as it hits your audience at a different point in the purchasing process.

Let's start to pinterest!