Facebook platform hosts 65 millions pages ( May 2018) and has 2.19 billion active users (1st quarter of 2018). Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. And the figures are mind-blowing as well for the mobile usage: 1.74 billion. Not bad! So how and why should you have a Facebook business page?

Why your business should have a Facebook business page?

You might be one of the 2 billion people in the world to have a profile on Facebook and your reasons may be to keep in touch with your friends, your family, sharing your life with your community, following to follow interesting Pages. To simplify it helps you to stay in touch even when you’re not physically with your family, friends, community.

When you run a business, whatever the sector you’re in, retails, services, it is essential to stay in touch with your customer and create connection with potential customers.

A Facebook Business Page helps you to keep connection with your existing customers for retention purposes, but also to attract potential customers and create your audience.

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Not having a Facebook business page could create a perception of being out of touch with technology and social media. Online presence is essential nowadays.

Best Practices for your Facebook Business Page

In the next paragraph I will describe step-by-step the process of creating a Facebook Business Page. But prior It is important to define the best practices. I would list four.

Best Practices:
  • Create a strategy: have an online presence, engage your existing audience, while building a new audience, visibility.
  • Build out your page: I will go through the steps later, on how to build a page.
  • Be engaging: It is important to keep your page alive and remind your audience about your business with some fresh content. Social content flow is massive nowadays so keep it up, feed news/content to your audience.
  • Have a content schedule: To keep good track of engaging and live content, the best is to create a content calendar. You can set it up per week or per month and revise it frequently to ensure that it is still up-to-date. Find out about free tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to simplify your content management on this former blog post  Tools for your social media.

How to set up a Facebook Business Page?

Step 1: A name for your Page and blurb about your business

If you already have a Business name and your customers already know you through that business name, keep it the same for your customers to recognize you easier and do not use your personal name. Next It is important to describe your business. Facebook will suggest business fields that will fit your business.


When you select one of the icons above, an extra window will allow you to add the name, the address, the phone etc of your business.

And then when you’re ready and have filled all the necessary information, press Get started.

Step 2: Create your visual

You could insert your logo as the profile picture. If your logo has your business name on it, it is quick way for a new user to associate your page with your business e.g. MARKETUWELL Facebook Business page.

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You will need as well to upload a cover picture that reflect your brand. The cover picture could be a picture of your shop, some of your products. For this step it is important to have good quality pictures with the adequate size. When you will go through this step Facebook will remind you what size and pixels you should have. You can get the information on this Facebook photo size blog post.

Step 3: Action that you want people to take when they visit your page

At the top of your page you can redirect people to a call-to-action. You can choose whatever suits you the best, redirection to your website, call your store, ask for a quote etc. You can get the detailed steps on Facebook call-to-action post.

Now that you’ve set up your Facebook business page, get the most out of it, optimize it for your business and engage with your audience.

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