At MarketUwell, we always want to help you develop a strong online presence. And we are happy to share tips about Digital marketing tactics. The goal of this post is to give you an Ultimate guide to Instagram Insights.

We all love to check out our Instagram account to dream, travel, learn, discover and shop. And we all love to post our latest trip, adventure, product, share our discoveries with our family, our followers, our community. Instagram is a massive Social Network. The numbers say it all.

Instagram by the Numbers

Instagram was launched in October 2010. Less than 9 years later, the total number of monthly Active users is 1 billion.


The total Number of Daily Active users is 500 million. And let’s not forget the boost of Instagram Stories. There are 400 million Daily Active Instagram Stories.

The number of Business on Instagram has reached 25 million accounts. And an estimated 71% of US business are on Instagram in 2018.

So, if your business is not yet on Instagram, hurry up get an Instagram Business account. If you’re already on Instagram YEAH! So let’s move on and check out how to analyse your posts and increase your audience engagement.

How to use Instagram Insights?

Instagram  is a great tool to engage with your audience. But it is important to use and analyze Instagram Insights to understand your followers and the content they love most and engage with. Instagram Insights is a tool to pin down your content strategy on Instagram.

At MarketUwell we follow a daily, weekly and monthly routine to get it right and repeat what content engage the most our audience.

Daily: Followers – Hours

Every day, you post picture, video about your services and products on specific time. Even if as a business owner you know well your followers, it is important to check when your audience engage the most at what time.

Every day (it takes 2 seconds) you should check out the peak timings and plan your next posts accordingly. It will help you to know when your audience is checking your post per day. Are they early birds on Mondays? Then keep it that way. Are they checking out late your Instagram post on Saturdays? Well here you go you know what time to post on Saturdays. And so on and so on checking the time every day,  a trend will appear.

Weekly: Impressions, Reach, Profile Views

When you post, you want to find out if it has been efficient. When you scroll left in your Instagram Insights screen, you can select Reach, Impressions, Engagement, Emails, Contents, Calls, Shares etc.

I check first for the Impressions. The Instagram defines Impressions as “The total number of times your posts has been seen.” And then I check the Reach, Instagram defines Reach as “The number of unique accounts that have seen your posts.”

These two metrics help analyse which content had been more successful than others on a weekly basis. Take in account that when a large account reposts one of your post, then you will see a massive increase on those metrics. Automatically your Impressions and Reach will increase.

You may add other weekly metrics to check out. One of them is Profile Visit, a user will click on your Profile to know more about your business. Therefore ensure that your Profile is up-to-date with all the relevant information: your business address, website link, business description, phone number etc.

Monthly: Top Posts

The Top Post will help you to figure out which content is well performing. Depending on your business goal, you will need to define which criteria is the most valuable.

You may select your best Impression post of the month or the TOP 3. The impressions are a great insight to define your content’s like-ability. This metric tells you how your audience love your content and interact with it. They’re not just scrolling down on their Instagram they acknowledge your post. The highest your Impressions’ number is the most efficient, useful, lovable is your content.

We do know that each business has different objectives and those objectives will help you define which insight matters the most for you.

Don’t hesitate to check out Instagram blog and e-learning courses. It is a great source of information.

A quick tip to help you manage your Instagram account: find out more on our latest post about Social Media automation tools available.