It is a wonderful time to run a business. So many tools are available! And many of them are free.

Those tools help you to follow and analyse your datas, manage your content marketing on social media, check out that your content is SEO proof. Here some of my favorite tools to use to help develop and support your online marketing.

Content management with Hootsuite and Buffer

One of our favorite is Hootsuite. This tool helps you manage your social profile. It takes 2 minutes to set up your account and is used by millions of businesses and marketers. It is the most popular social media management available out there. It offers you various plans.

Hootsuite plans

hootsuite plans

They offer one free plan but if you need to manage many social profiles, you can do so as well with Hootsuite for few dollars per month. If you decide to go for Hootsuite, I strongly recommend to follow Hootsuite education , it provides a deep understanding of many Hootsuite features:

  • Manage effectively your social network profiles in one place
  • Schedule posts to keep your social active
  • Monitor keywords and mentions to follow conversation and engage with your customers

Buffer is offering as well social media management. Buffer is a better way to manage your social media as it is stated on their home page. Don’t miss their webinars to get to know their platform and features.

Graphic design with online tool Canva

If you are not a graphic designer but  value the quality and the professional design. It is essential to create state-of-the-art design. It enhances how you communicate with your audience and help to convey your ideas. It is effective but also beautiful. Good design makes you feel and look good. It summarizes an idea that you want to share with your audience. Whatever is your goal: advertise a new product or service, greet your audience on Instagram, Facebook or any social media. The messages that you share with your audience will resonate even better thanks to qualitative graphic design.

canva design tool social media                     canva desing tool marketuwell

My favorite tool is Canva . Canva makes design extremely simple and fun. You will love using that tool. It is an amazing app. They define their offer as: ” Easily create beautiful design + documents”/ ” Use Canva’ s drag-and-drop features and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.”

They offer numerous tutorials. You can start with the Beginners challenge tutorial. But if you want to challenge yourself more, they offer tutorial to introduction to infographics or teaching you to Marry Text and Images . Discover by yourself Canva tutorials.

We will share more in coming posts tools that you may use to simplify your social media management. Tools include as well datas analytics, read more on Facebook analytics blog , Twitter analytics tool

Credit image Saulo Mohana